Founding editor of The Ecphorizer George Towner refers to the first 70 issues as The Ecphorizer Canon.  The Canon runs from September 1981 to September 1987.  During that run, George saw to it that over fifty of his submissions were printed.  In 1993 George created a collection of his articles into a book titled Ecphorizations, which was privately printed in 1993.  George assembled his collection under several sections.  Here is a table listing the Table of Contents of Ecphorizations.  As you'll notice as you browse these articles, clever George occasionally wanted to cloak his identity as the author, as some of them were written under various fishy pseudonyms.  Articles that have been uploaded have active links.  The section headers are also active links, taking you to pages that contain George's introductory remarks for each section.

[This list was completed February 15, 2010]


Opinions, Theories, and Whimsy




The 35-Year Theory

Travel Narratives


Sexual Decay in H. Sapiens


Trapped in the Mummy's Tomb


The Rat in the Python


Sudan Diary


National Frontiers


Tripping Africa


The Agony of Africa


The Zambia Cannonball


Boeru, Britu, and the Press


An International Incident


Wanted: $4.5 Billion


Nigerian Notebook




Trucking the Sahara


Automatic Rejection Slips


The Evil Empire


Urban Stereotyping


In France on Liberation Day


The Case of the Pious Pelican


Messageries Maritimes


World War Theory


The Trivialization of Armageddon

Mensa Pastiches


A Climber's Guide to the Swiss Alps


Mensa News from All Over




The Adventure of the Mensa Society

The Writing Game


The Clan of the Hot Tub


The Age of Illiteracy


The Mensan Who Came In from the


Selling Information




The Power of Words


Slaying the Ayequeue


Review, Book: MIL-M-38784A


Showdown at Mensa Gulch


An Editor's Grab Bag


Murder in the Mensa Mansion




Ye Table Societie

The Computer Biz




Apple and IBM

Personal Notes




High-Brow, Low-Brow --


Randomness and Artificial


   A Reminiscence






An Approach to Artificial


The World's Lengthiest Joke




Sherlockian Scholarship


The Electronic Desk


Yet Another Diet Plan


The "Whither Computers"


Leave It To Sedgwick




Story of a Wedding


About This Book (Colophon)