You hold in your hands a good example of modern desktop pub-lishing. Except for its binding, this book is entirely homemade.

The original source was a complete set of printed copies of The Ecphorizer. I scanned my articles into electronic images with an Apple Scanner, then interpreted the images into text characters using Omnipage 3.0, an optical character recognition program.

I edited and formatted the text files with Microsoft Word 4.0, a word processor program, running on a Macintosh IIfx computer. Headlines are various sizes of Helvetica, and body text is set in 10 point Palatino. Pages were formatted two-up in landscape orientation on 8.5 x 11 sheets.

The original edition of ten copies was printed on an Apple 600 dpi LaserWriter, feeding each sheet twice to achieve double-sided impressions. The paper is acid-free Eaton Technaclear. Copy Mat bound the edition using the FastBack process, in which a cloth spine is hot-glued to the pages.

It used to be true that an author could spend years of frustration before “breaking into print.” Nowadays, publishing a book takes hardly more work than writing a manuscript. This is a true revolution in communication, one that has the potential to free authors from a primal constraint and ecphorize a renaissance of writing in the decades ahead.