Issue #01

September 1981

Table Of Contents

Issue #01 Cover Dorey Evans
Why a New Magazine? George Towner

Why we are here and where we are going

If You're So Smart, Why Ain't You Rich? Ed Van Vleck

Where the money is and why Mensans don't have more

I Met This Absolute Doll the Other Night Darrell Bross

When boy meets sex aid, it's true love in Plasticland

Sociable Intercourse JoAnn Malina

A guide to conversational skills for smarties

Let's Quash QWERTY Dave Pressman

Technological trickery from 1872 haunts us today

Biblical Archeology Today Dave Kirby

New translations of ancient scrolls make the Book of Revelations sound like a Sunday School lesson

Have You Been Traveling Too Long? Martha Johnson

Facing mid-trip crisis in India

The First Kill Allen J. Pettit

Sometimes growing up is not as much fun as it seems

Afterburn Warren Fogard
"Firenze" Polly Pitkin Ryan
French Sketches Polly Pitkin Ryan
Odds & Ends    
A Very Short Course in Western Philosophy Bits & Pieces (Humor)
OPEC, Meet COWPEC Bits & Pieces (Humor)
Sample of Reformatting Skippy Nutty
Death and Taxes Bits & Pieces (Humor)
Let Me Count The Ways Bits & Pieces (Humor)
Letters Issue 1 Letters
The End Flap George Towner