Issue #25

September 1983

Table Of Contents

Issue #25 Cover Dorey Evans
Articles and Features    
A Proposal to End the Threat of Nuclear Armageddon Joseph P. Rankin Peace and profits for all
A Captive of the Tank Frederick A. Raborg, Jr. Reflections in an aquarium wall
Do You Remember Hearing That? Gary Harris A quiz for the pre-television generation
Notes of a Magaziner XI Paul W. Healy The grocer as bookseller
The Tobacco Connection Gareth Penn Murder, mutiny and the Killer Sotweed
The Words and the Bees Jonathan Penner The mind in the act of dissolving
Why Cucumbers Are Better Than Men (Part II) Elna Tymes Passion in a garden patch
Our Colorful Language Philip Hughes Etymology in a handbasket
Nick, Nick, Nick that Nicotine Bill Harvey God gave men two hands, one for a drink and one for a smoke
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High Tide, Half Moon Bay John Welch
is noah galvin gay - gay hentai pics Devinviell
For a Hopi Woman John Welch
Business Manager's Notes Tod Wicks