Issue 02

December 2003

Table Of Contents

Carbohydrates and Summer George Towner

tells of one man's experience with the Atkins diet

Selling Information George Towner

notes one instance of how the news media reacted to a perceived menace

The Power of Words George Towner

observes words in action

Simion Gene Ziegler writes a tale of the evils of technology carried to extremes
Personal Stories    
The Perils of Life in a Construction Camp Paul Gregson tells the tale of a makeshift shower in the Canadian Arctic
Teenage Memories Paul Gregson relates one of life's embarrassing moments as a teenager on the Isle of Man
Face to Face Daunna Minnich tells her story of maintaining contact with her high school pen pal and their eventual meeting in person in Paris
Eulogy for Earl Swope Mike Swope wrote this moving memorial to his brother
On The Jury Jack Waananen describes his experience and feelings as a member of a jury of a molestation case
Remembering Ron Belligio Tod Wicks reminisces about an Army buddy in Berlin who passed away in 2002
Terrell Owens vs. The Media Susan Holtzer has smoke coming out of her ears when she reads the muck that masquerades as sports reporting
Amaroq Fiona Wicks wrote this poem as part of a 6th grade project (2000)