Issue 12

November 2008

Table Of Contents

George the Bridegroom Daunna Minnich
It's Later Than You Think: A Few Remarks on Ageism Polly Pitkin Ryan How old is old?
Invisible Man Disappears Neal Wilgus Trying to find the unseeable
Oil, Sweat, and Tears Neal Wilgus Vampires!  They're all vampires and they're sucking us dry
Plugs Leaked Neal Wilgus
First-person Story    
Frank's Story Frank Wicks A young man's railroad journeys during the Depression
Travel & Adventure    
Safety Lessons JJ Tiger Some drivers' rear-view mirrors are invisible
Big Rig Driving Lesson JJ Tiger
Another Great Moment in Mensa Myra Johnson Babes in the [Alpine] woods
Two Limericks Fiona Wicks
Keep Off the Grass Neal Wilgus
They Had it Coming Neal Wilgus
A Peace Creep Neal Wilgus