Issue #10

June 1982

Table Of Contents

Issue #10 Cover Dorey Evans
Alien Intelligence: It Takes One To Know One Polly Pitkin Ryan Re-examining our search for other intelligences in the Universe
Prolegomena to a Pet-Guide Gareth Penn When you tire of dogs and such, consider the humble boa constrictor
Sudan Diary Martha Johnson

Travel notes on the five-day trip overland from Khartoum to Aswan

Notes on Gun Control Don Gerber There's nothing wrong with having a gun -- as long as you're in the Army
The Gathering Albert Duro
Fish At Work
What, Me Publish?
Mobilizing to Halt the Continuation of Dumb Stuff Lisa Barrigan Basker To the barricades, Mensans!
An English Trivialist John Cumming
Updated Proverbs Audrey Austin
Letter From Mburg 4 Warren Fogard
The Exxon-Vatican Merger Barry Leff Big Oil finally gets religion
Headway Warren Fogard
Precog-nation Neal Wilgus
Poor Richard's Almanac R(ichard) Bradner Mead
Le Coin d'Archimede 2 Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevski
Business Manager's Notes Tod Wicks