Issue 03

December 2004

Table Of Contents

English ‹ber Alles unknown How one venerable language has suffered at the hands of English
Living and Dying James C. Holaday provides an interesting take on the inevitable
Apple and IBM George Towner

tells of the intersection of Apple and IBM in the early 80s

Apple and IBM Redux George Towner

revisits his earlier observations

Rhubarb Pies Lionel de Maine

spins a story of a man and his father

Personal Story    
Letter from Tehran Daunna Minnich wrote this as a letter to friends, and one friend published it!
What's a Milpitas? Marvin Larson corrects revisionist history about the armpit of Silicon Valley
A Collection of Puns compiled by Tod Wicks Throw your rotten eggs at The Editor - he's the one responsible for collecting these from here and there...
Kringle To Be Audited Neal Wilgus describes the ultimate in tax horror stories