Issue #41

January 1985

Table Of Contents

Issue #41 Cover Dorey Evans
Worrying E. J. Cullen Having a heightened sensitivity may be a burden
Porphyry & Pomegranates E. E. Rehmus A word can depart a long way from its original meaning
A Matter of Degrees Paul W. Healy BA., B.S., MA., Ph.D. Contemporary usage conflicts with historical heritage
The Harper Dictionary of Contemporary Usage John Cumming Even democracy can't decide how English she ought to be spoke
Thirty-Eight Gareth Penn it isn't a matter of who-but where
Haptic Sexism Edgar de Santos Let your fingers do the walking through the mellow stages
The Mismeasure of Mensa 11 Lottie Fish-Bate Burt and Ernie are stranger pals than you night have thought
Bag Woman Sharon Dario
Letters - Issue 41
Editorial Issue #41 Richard Amyx