Issue #39

November 1984

Table Of Contents

Issue #39 Cover Dorey Evans
The Case of the Pious Pelican George Towner

Armorial observations on a little-known myth

Who Said It First? Paul W. Healy You may not have said anything until you've become somebody
What Do They Know? Gareth Penn Beware strange books bearing offbeat facts
The Evil Empire Buckley Fish An inside look at paradise
The Dictionary of American Slang John Cumming John gets his lingo down like, real cool.  Dig?
A Little Knowledge Can Hurt You Susan Packie

Plan your high school curriculum carefully

The Mismeasure of Mensa 9 Lottie Fish-Bate The writings of Whale Injun Ings unearthed
But you never said you loved me Philip Kienholz
Song Terry T. Tilford
Soon, When December Is (For Julie) Wes Hight
Editorial Issue #39 Richard Amyx