Issue 09

April 2007

Table Of Contents

I swear...but by what book? Barry Leff Rabbi Barry Leff writes about books sworn on when legislators and others are sworn into office, focusing on Dennis Prager's debate on Keith Ellison's intention of being sworn in on the Koran.
Tommie Moves In Tod Wicks The first in a series of short young adult mysteries...the mystery being why would anyone want to read them?
Couple Sought for Holiday Violations Neal Wilgus Beginning a reprint of The Leakoids series...
The Disorient Express Neal Wilgus All the news that LEAK spits out...
Man Bites TV Neal Wilgus Another news flash from the LEAK news service...
Personal Stories    
Punishment or Reward? JJ Tiger Our resident Road Jockey gets chewed out for going 3x the speed of sound!
Two Great Moments in Mensa Myra Johnson
The Land of Sandra Dee submitted by Jan Williams a modern day tribute to the days of adolescense of baby boomers
A Note From a Resident of Megalong Valley Tod Wicks
Lines of Excommunication Neal Wilgus
The Wanderer and the Fool Neal Wilgus
Born Again Neal Wilgus
A Note on Newsalization