The Ecphorizer

A Note on Newsalization

Issue 09 (April 2007)

The concept of Newsalization springs from the LEAK News Service motto, "The Best in Fictionalized News and Newsalized Fiction!" For over thirty years LEAK stories have been appearing in odd corners of the Universe where the border between news and fiction is blurred and often nonexistent.

If you think the LEAKs contained herein are works of the imagination perhaps you don't know what Universe you're living in. Let me assure you that no matter how bizarre or impossible these reports seem, there is a continuum somewhen where (or somewhere when) they actually exist and are truly happening and doing fine.

Always has it been thus - from the smezmetic origin of bloviation to the Go game between Buddha and Confucius to the emergence of the Inigmann clan from the Big Bop that began us. Thus Newsalization brings us by bend of bay to the ultimate smezmagram articulated by the cryptic philosopher John Ward: "What is is and the rest don't matter."

Neal Wilgus 

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