Issue #24

August 1983

Table Of Contents

Issue #24 Cover Martha Johnson
Articles and Features    
The Symbolism of Horns Lisa Barrigan Basker

Horny ideas through the ages

Tok Pisin David Durst Making talk-talk with the natives
Incline Village Unit 6 Gareth Penn The Zodiac as a commuter
Notes of a Magaziner X Paul W. Healy
Rose the Bug Rhiannon Hemsted
Night Owl Bill Harvey
Letter From Mburg 5 Warren Fogard
A Contract Proposal to the Government
Ecphorizer Gathering Advertisement
Ye Table Societie George Towner
A Climber's Bestiary Albert Duro
Toward a New Metrology
Bartlett's Restaurant Guide
Sorry, Wrong Genus
Bureaucratic Topology
Letter to a Little Girl John Welch
Insomnia John Welch
Beneath Notice John Welch
Poem Andrea Fish
Editors' Notes George Towner
Editorial Cartoon "Changing Editors" Burt Schmitz
Letters - Issue 24