Issue #06

February 1982

Table Of Contents

Issue #06 Cover Dorey Evans
What is Worth Knowing JoAnn Malina

All the really useful knowledge conveniently presented in one place

Speling Riform - Thc Taim iz Raip David Koblick Some wholly uncalled-for suggestions on fixing up English spelling
Fair is Fair Charles Colvin
The New Obscenity Miriam Eldridge The future promises us a whole new vocabulary of dirty words
Marriage Reform Peter Barna Out of the wreckage of conventional marriage comes a familiar institution
Brewer's Yeast John Cumming A book published in 1870 is a rich treasury of lists and trivia
O Tempi O Mores Gareth Penn Doctorow's Ragtime carries us back to 16th-century Germany
Definitions Webster Overlooked Myra Johnson
House Rules Belletrina of Hanes Advice on dealing with those pesky infestations of houseguests
Aspidistra Discourse II Bob Holmes
Making an Impression Ellen Thomsen
Count Your Blessings Jerry McCann
Post Office Roulette
The Observatory Tod Wicks