The Ecphorizer

The Mismeasure of Mensa 9
Lottie Fish-Bate

Issue #39 (November 1984)

The writings of Whale Injun Ings unearthed

[quoteright]Part Nine: Breakdown of Men; Whale Injun Ings

Men were already obsolete before the Prior World destroyed itself. The most insightful recognition of this apparently was bestowed by Julian Jaynes in The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. We know of this 1967 book only from the last issue of The Ecphorizer shipped from San Francisco in 1985 (subsequent issues were published from Antarctica), in which a "Ms. Whale Injun Ings" reviewed it. (The "Ms." is an abbreviation unknown in all pre-1967 and post-1985 documents known to us. Speculation centers on the word "Massuh" or "Marse" from Negro dialect. We still can't figure out whether the men who used it were Blacks or Whites, but they seemed to use the "Massuh" in mannish irony more as a flaunting of their disdain for the leaders of society (presumably women) than as assertion of their own arrogant authority.) His ethnic identity is unknown. The "Ms." implies Black (or White), and the "Ings" sounds Chinese, but he had a nickname indicating aboriginal status, Whale "Injun" Ings.

Ings summarized Jaynes's findings that civilization arose only when God started giving instructions to the right hemisphere of the brains of people organizing cities. The left brain then heard commands relayed from the right brain as the voice of gods (generally, shorter than "goddesses"). At first, men were very good subjects to the voices of the gods, and were acclaimed as stewards of the god or even as god-kings. Men obedient to their gods were the heroes of the Illiad and were the poets who recited the verse they heard from their right brains. Such divine inspiration of the poets was recognized by Socrates, and his personal god taught him truth. Already by Socrates' time (d. 399 B.C.) hardly any men still could hear the gods, and society depended on oracles such as the prophetesses at Delphi. Similarly, Rome listened to the Sibyls, all female. Continuing on into the reign of Roman Catholicism after it succeeded the Roman Empire, women alone maintained the ability to hear the Virgin Mary or to see her statue weep. Jaynes's summary of history left no significance to men after Plato except in some remote civilizations (the Incan and Japanese, for example), which were still bicameral. Plato documented the breakdown of the male mind from prophetic and poetic inspiration to delusive hallucinations and insanity. The best that men could hallucinate for their peace of mind was the pseudoreligion of science, with its quest for certainty and truth, a pale imitation of their lost immediate perception of god. Ings concluded with a proposal to restrict births of males to no more than ten percent of all births, any larger proportion of men in society having been proven not just obsolete and useless but positively dangerous. We Mensans never implemented such a program because of the pressing needs for workers in a society in which all the fertile women had to be constantly pregnant to replenish the earth after World War IV.

Time Traveler from the Future, Lottie Fish-Bate recaps: The Antarcticans (Mensa scientists mostly) who survived World War III soon repopulated the world with a matriarchal society. The discovery of one intact 1967 library did not change 22nd century perception of history as always having been female-dominated. The greatest philosopher of all times was Hypatia, the authoress of the Mensiades. Even Prior World men acknowledged male obsolescence, as seen in the following review of a review of Origin of Consciousness.

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