Issue #02

October 1981

Table Of Contents

Issue #02 Cover Ellen Thomsen
The High Fie Gareth Penn

A new solution for the rising crime rate: merciless embarrassment

The 35-Year Theory George Towner

Want to know tomorrow's news? Just read the papers from 35 years ago.

A Uniform Date Standard Dave Pressman

The International Standards Organization (ISO) tackles the way we write dates.

In The Pursuit of Knowledge Lupus Canis

You scream, I scream, lots of us scream, but not for ice cream!

Science Fiction and Mysticism JoAnn Malina

Star Trek and Close Encounters as the atheist's doorway to the unknown

The Electronic Dog John Cumming

Psyching out a chess-playing computer

An Underview of Overlings Meredy Amyx

A scorecard for the boss

Humor & Whimsey    
Letter From Mburg 1 Warren Fogard

Defies description...

Definitions Webster Overlooked Ken Uhland

For the word-challenged among us

Topsy Turvy Warren Fogard
Urban Fairplay Bennett Woll

What happens when San Francisco gets its own county fair

More "I xxx-ed Its" Louis Yates

Additions to the "I Found It" bumpersticker craze

Invasion of the Friendly Aliens Tony Steele

A graphic comment on life in the midst of an invasion from space

Bits & Pieces    
Fancy Mancies
More Definitions Webster Overlooked Bits & Pieces (Humor)
Editor's Notes - Issue 2 George Towner
Letters - Issue 02

Brickbats and bouquets

The End Flap Issue 02 [Selling Information] George Towner