Issue #51

November 1985

Table Of Contents

Issue #51 Cover Dorey Evans
Doc Burley's Phobia Paul Gregson
Ceci N'est Pas Une Cigare Hubert Hohn
The "Whither Computers" Game George Towner
Unraveling the Inexplicable Statement L. Allinikov
The Winds Begin to Rise Gary Harris
Humor and Belles Lettres    
A Stitch in the Bush Bill Harvey
A Better Way Susan Packie
A True Story: Letter Accompanying A Renewal Check Bill Brantner
A FOOTNOTE re: Gareth Penn's "Creative Reading" Article Tod Wicks
An AŽroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) VIII E. E. Rehmus
Hungry Love Donald Altschul
Watch Out for Awful Truths in Poetry! Wes Hight
On Leaving Teaching John J. Soldo