Issue #44

April 1985

Table Of Contents

Issue #44 Cover Meredy Amyx
Story of a Wedding George Towner

How the INS protects you from illegal aliens

Companion to The Hare Gareth Penn Who was that masked man anyway?
Science is "How"? or "What"? it Is Dale Adams The "why" of the Western world
Slang and Euphemism John Cumming Not just another dictionary of dirty words, John lowers his sights yet another notch
The San Francisco Film Festival, 1885 Review of Films Paul W. Healy This year's winners, with commentary
An AŽroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) II E. E. Rehmus Curiouser and curiouser
Sluice Box Elmo Bird Some extremely little-known facts for your edification
The Conspiracy Susan Packie More mysteries of spy vs. spy revealed
Sculptor at Muir Beach Margot Treitel
For Those Who Injured Her Wes Hight
Editorial Issue #44 Richard Amyx
Letter to the Editor