Issue #37

September 1984

Table Of Contents

Issue #37 Cover Dorey Evans
Caryatids, Atlantes, and Telamones Paul W. Healy There was another Atlas before Charles, and he was pretty dumb
Sympathetic Magic at Goose Pond Gareth Penn Not all New Englanders are Congregationalists
Letter from Suriname VII Katharine Mitchell San Jose was never like this!
Pant Pant Pant Bill Harvey Breathlessly awaiting your call
The Mismeasure of Mensa 7 Lottie Fish-Bate Proof that Mensa is not a high IQ society
Calendar of Events for the Month of Mensarary Susan Packie The Silly Valley Calendar
Humor for Whom? Myra Johnson That good ol' country humor
Speak to Me Bill Harvey Reprinted from the Bulletin, the national Mensa magazine, just in case you missed it
Indian Market Place (Ghazals) Phyllis Bourne
Summon Allen Swoh
Predators & Systems - two Poems Dwight E. Humphries
A Rhetorical Question Margot Treitel
Sweet Idleness Warren Fogard
Tit For Tat Susan Packie
The Madman Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie
The Mind/Body Problem Margot Treitel
To Her Whom I'd Like to Know Infinitely Better Robert A. Willis
The Divided Self Laurie Breier
Nostalgia Phyllis Bourne
Biology... Margot Treitel
Editorial Announcement John Cumming
Editorial Issue #37 John Cumming