Issue 10

July 2007

Table Of Contents

Adventure Stories    
Trapped in the Mummyís Tomb George Towner

Touring Egyptian tombs on the cheap

Traveling to Israel Cris Wendt A modern marketing manager's perspective on traveling to Israel on business...whose business he doesn't say!
On Being a Mentor to a New Truck Driver JJ Tiger Truckin' through ice and snow with our resident road warrior
An Editorís Grab Bag George Towner
On Resigning Janne Jalkanen Resigning is not giving up
There is No Canal on Guadalcanal (or is there?) Tod Wicks
A Grandchild's Guide to Using Grandpa's Computer Gene Ziegler
New Corporate Travel Rules Tod Wicks How high-flying startups can save a few bux on business trips
Sparks; Respighi, Ottorino Tod Wicks
Parking One Time? Tod Wicks