Issue #33

May 1984

Table Of Contents

Issue #33 Cover Dorey Evans
When Will Residential Phone Service Equal That of Business? Tod Wicks
Update to Home Banking Article Tod Wicks In case you missed the point the first time around
Review: Facing the Gods, James Hillman, Ed JoAnn Malina Classical mythology and modern psychology
Nigerian Notebook George Towner

Roughing it  in the heart of Africa

The Call of the Wild Gareth Penn Why we live in the suburbs
Cucumbers, Arise Myra Johnson
Filler Fuller
U.S.A. Annexes Canada Susan Packie Los Angeles will stop at nothing in its search for water
Simion Gene Ziegler If man was intended to hack, God would have given him a tape drive
The Impossible Dream Wayne Silka Politics is Vaudeville with speeches
Two Strangers Phyllis Bourne
In Memory of William Goyen: Poet Wes Hight
The Choice Paul Healy
Poland, 1923 Margot Treitel
Summon Allen Swoh
On Rising Early in the City Polly Pitkin Ryan