Issue #29

January 1984

Table Of Contents

Issue #29 Cover Dorey Evans
Letter From Suriname IV Katharine Mitchell Of leaky windows and evicted Cubans:  Everywhere landlords are the same.
Hard-Assed Bargaining Mike Snyder How to do to salesmen what they always do to us.
The Trivialization of Armageddon George Towner

Will TV bring us the brighter side of Nuclear War?

One Zero Zero Gareth Penn Unraveling the Zodiac killer's binary clues
The Miracle of Pennsylvania Avenue Ed Rehmus Not even the first lady is safe from critics
The Sandstone Footprints Paul W. Healy
The Wimp Credo Robert Anway Willis From those careful people who brought us "safe and sane"
The Mismeasure of Mensa 2 Lottie Fish-Bate A continuing saga about the future of man and Mensa
Strange Bedfellows Susan Packie
The Old Shamaness Lisa Yount
Masks Maggie Jack Sinram
Creative Journalism
Tripping Africa George Towner
Retraction of the Retraction The Editor