Issue #22

June 1983

Table Of Contents

Issue #22 Cover Burt Schmitz
A Cure for Unemployment John B. O'Donnell Go after the monopolies
Notes of a Magaziner VIII Paul W. Healy
But Me No BTUs Gareth Penn Paperwork as an engergy source
Real Mensans Don't Psittacate JoAnn Malina But they do auscultate
Metrication Update Perr Cardestam
Aurochs Coprolite Albert Duro Announcing a new scientific lavoratory
Fate Is So Existential Keith W. Morrow
More From My Treasury of Malaprops John Ehrman
The Nurse-Dispersal Button System Robert T. Casey
Ecce Homo Maureen Fogard
The Secret of the Universe R. T. Casey
Words Frederick A. Raborg, Jr.
Oh, Sweet Love Rita H. Palmer
Three Limericks Neal Wilgus
Jewish Son's Spirit Dale Adams
Looking Up
American Pidgin
Buy American Archimedes Pisces
Editor's Note George Towner
Letters Letters