Issue #20

April 1983

Table Of Contents

Issue #20 Cover Burt Schmitz
Letter From Suriname II Katherine Mitchell The Gathering Storm, Third World style
The Mouths of Babes Gareth Penn The linguistic roots of baby talk
The Lady Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie
The SF Film Festival Award Winners Paul W. Healy This year's best
I Do Bill Harvey The Judge gave them life
Computer Networking Tony Dowdem Talking to "Kinky Kumputer"
Palindromes Albert Duro
Wizard Phyllis Bourne
Mensa SIG News The Ecphorizer Gang of Idiots Some special Special Interest Groups
Mister Molloy on the Morning of His Execution Warren Fogard
Mariah Philip Hughes
Ma Bell, You've Rung Me Wrong Diane Reynolds Miller
The Green Machine Archimedes Pisces
Olivia's Woes Olivia Anderson
Bone Cave Maureen Fogard
Letters - Issue 20