Issue #17

January 1983

Table Of Contents

Issue #17 Cover Martha Johnson
Articles and Features    
One Word is Worth Ten Thousand Pictures Jerry McCann A Compulsive Reader meets his doom
Letter from Suriname Katherine Mitchell Coping in the Third World
Cruising the Baja Triangle Gareth Penn Strange happenings at Los Cedros
The Great Credit Card Bust David Durst
From My Treasury of Malaprops John Ehrman
Notes of a Magaziner V Paul W. Healy "A book of verses underneath a bough..." But whose verses?
There's No Book Like the Phone Book Barry Leff The latest in bed-table reading
Togetherness James Katic
Barren Haute Wadder (A Fay Retail) Burt Schmitz
The Agent: A Moral Tale Warren Fogard
Mensa Fantasy Neal Wilgus
On the Simple Pleasures of the Poor Warren Fogard
Justice in the Modern Christian State Bill Rowan
A Pome of Lendless Love Burt Schmitz
Hail Halley Neal Wilgus
Bits & Pieces    
Graffito Martha Johnson
Green Grow the Gringos submitted by Carolyn Simon
Editor's Notes Issue 17