Issue 06

February 2006

The Rally Issue

Table Of Contents

Historical Notes    
Coursemarker Gimmick Rallyes: A Blast From the Past Cris Wendt looks back at his high school hobby of the 1970s
Blast From the Past: Another Perspective Tod Wicks adds some details to Cris' account
History and Evolution of the Coursemaker Gimmick Rallye Bob Schott writes about how this concept was born and how it developed from the 1960s to the new millenium
"Winter Solstice"    
General Instructions Willie Lynch & Bill Jonesi present a beginner's rally for all to see.  These are the General Instructions; the rules for this particular road rally
Route Instructions Willie Lynch & Bill Jonesi The instructions on this page describe the route.
Supp/SI Page Bill Jonesi & Willie Lynch This is the page of Supplementary and Special Instructions (Supp/SI)
Scoresheet Bill Jonesi & Willie Lynch use this page to keep score of your progress
Critique Bill Jonesi & Willie Lynch this is the answer sheet