The Ecphorizer

Supp/SI Page
Bill Jonesi & Willie Lynch

Issue 06 (February 2006)

This is the page of Supplementary and Special Instructions (Supp/SI)

Along the route you will deduce the tricks or gimmicks that the Rallymaster has set for you.  Quite often you will find yourself driving off the route published on the Route Instructions page.  You will be rewarded with a coursemarker with a code on it (typically a letter and a number separated by a horizontal line).  You look up the number on the Supp/SI page and follow the instructions given.  You should also enter the number next to the appropriate letter on your Scoresheet.  However, you must be sure that you know why you found any particular coursemarker as many rallyemasters tack up a few "fish" coursemarkers for the unwary!

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