Issue #08

April 1982

Table Of Contents

Issue #08 Cover Martha Johnson
Remembering Ayn Rand Sandra Mendoza

A personal memoir of the late philosophical novelist

A Brewer of Miracles John Cumming An 1884 compilation examines the legends of Christianity
Pythagoras Was Right! Gareth Penn Re-surverying the solar system
Mensa Rosterology II Ken Uhland Another overload of data about members of San Francisco Mensa
Reflections in a Dubious Eye #5 Polly Pitkin Ryan Why does gravity seem to defy the Second Law of Thermodynamics? 
Shifty Words
More I-????-Its Gareth Penn
Alternate Tax Form Daniel Kottke
Mensa Qualifying Examination contributed by Jorel Stallones
Beau Jestes of Middle Earth Albert Duro In-group humor for aficionados of Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings
A Mensa Crossword Roger Starr
April M*E*N*S*A Calendar Ecphorizer Gang of Idiots
It's All in Your Mind Neal Wilgus
Cypress, Monterey Meredy Amyx
September 21, 1990
The Observatory Issue 8 Tod Wicks
Letters Issue 8