Issue #03

November 1981

Table Of Contents

Issue #03 Cover Joseph Newby
The Vocabulary Gradient Test Ed van Vleck

Fifty questions, of increasing difficulty, give you a rough calibration of your word power

Sexual Decay in H. Sapiens A. Fish, Ph. D.

Why does romantic love cool off? Science comes up with the answer!

A Harmless Drudgery Revived John Cumming

A review of the first modern dictionary, first published in 1755

Growths Charles Sullivan Our resident oenologist classifies the classic classification of classy French wines
Anti-Prometheus in the Writings of Edward Abbey JoAnn Malina

After we have tamed the wilderness, who will tame us?

Impressin' the Girls Allen J. Pettit

Reminiscences of the courtship rituals of the American kid

Comes Now the Plaintiff Jerry McCann
A Taste of Johnson
New Wood Stove
Letters our readers

Brickbats and bouquets

How We Play Post Office
The End Flap [The Power of Words] George Towner

The inside back cover...