The Ecphorizer

Scene Restaurant: By Neonlight
Wes Hight

Issue #43 (March 1985)

“ beauty's child...
For men to see, and seeing wonder at."

Such beauty, knowing that it ought not hide,
Ventures itself entrancingly and charms
The worlds it conquers with a pomp and pride
Not yet immodest: yet in startleform...
As diamonds must be, seen from the inside.

Therefore, she comes to restaurants and wings
Her shouldered hair upon the startled light
Like silkened wind, dark golden; and it sings
Through its harmonics with a primal right,
And we sit stunned to see it as it sings.

And then she looks with sapphire eyes so blue
Upon our watching of her classic style
That we are taught what starglaze sheen can do
To neon's dismal white. And for a while
We share her wondrous world of gold and blue.

Such beauty has its reign and certain rules
Of audience, which all know will preside –
Sharing at distance with the common schools
We strive in that its vistas are inside
A diamondblaze, lit sharp, but kindly cool. 

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