The Ecphorizer

Big Rig Driving Lesson
JJ Tiger

Issue 12 (November 2008)

February 2007

I am on a three day break. Today is/was annual recurrency training and physical:
... 230 pounds fully dressed. Lying scale in my bathroom said 224 this morning.
... blood pressure and heartbeat are ever so slightly higher than text-book normal baselines.

Desk Monkeys. See them evolve in a commercial...

doctor says that for my frame, I should have a 32 inch waistline. I wish. I haven't had a 32 inch waist since I tuned 30.
... doctor put me on a 2000 calorie a day diet.

And at 2:00, a meeting with my DM (Driver Manager).

Saturday and Sunday are my two days off, called "Home Call".

My DM (Desk Monkey) seems to think that a night spent in my own bed at home constitutes "Home Call", and that I am supposed to comply with company training on those "Home Call" days.

He also sent a message telling me that I am "authorized" "Home Call".

"Authorized"? What am I? A convict being allowed a weekend pass from prison?

... and since when did a "day off" mean only a night in my own bed?

And I wonder if I am being paid to tend to company recurrency training?

Desk Monkeys. See them evolve in a commercial during Sunday's Super Bowl.

Got a new student. You won't believe his hometown's name: Hot Coffee Mississippi.

.... it's southeast of Jackson MS.

Watch out !!! People in Mississippi are taught to turn on their turn signals to match the car in front of them, even when they themselves are not making the turn !!!

Now if they would only use their turn signals when making their own turns.

My student is 43 years old, and has been driving since he was 14, and he still doesn't know how to use the turn signals.

Turn signal activated: tick-ka tick-ka tick-ka

"What's that noise?"

If you're ever out on the Interstates and you see a semi pulling cargo trailers under the "Swift" livery, give a wave as you just might be passing JJ on one of his many runs.

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