The Ecphorizer

Editorial Issue #39
Richard Amyx

Issue #39 (November 1984)

Probably there is nothing wrong
with your mail service--this issue of The Ecphorizer was mailed later than usual. We were plagued with an incredible string of interruptions ranging from equipment failures to inconveniently placed holidays. Apologies herewith, and no editorial, either.

A tip of the hat to Burt Schmitz, who has retired waxer and quill after giving eighteen months' service as The Ecphorizer's graphic artist and illustrator. Burt has had the opportunity to go on to other things (including paying ones), and we wish him well in his endeavors.

Thanks are due also to Dorey Evans for providing the Thanksgiving guest on the cover of this issue. Dorey's art regularly graces the covers of The Ecphorizer.

If you like what you read and want to share your enjoyment with a friend, gift subscriptions to The Ecphorizer are available for $5.00 for one year to [the Business Manager], Palo Alto, CA 94306.

I understand that we have gained quite a number of new subscribers this month. If you are a new subscriber, please be aware that The Ecphorizer is a participatory publication, and that your contributions, comments, or commentary are invited. All materials for editorial consideration should be sent to the editor's address on the back cover; please include an SASE with queries and manuscripts.

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