The Ecphorizer

But you never said you loved me
Philip Kienholz

Issue #39 (November 1984)

in the morning you come in waking me
slip off your clothes
and smile
in the glow of bodies' rub
hands caress to know the fullness
of the other dissimilar human
soft flesh alike and strange
familiar and terribly unknown
so a citizen's glare comps our love coming down
play a flute of bamboo in the riverbank willows
bring a bottle of wine and a pipe of grass
embroider figures on the hem of your garment
let the scholars scorn in their righteous towers
      skins create warmth from slow embracing
i suck the underside of your tongue
curve lines of kisses over ringed earlobes
shoulders breast nipples navel and cunt
pleasure enters the chill morning air
with wordless intent of selfless action
mouth flicks labia open
musky clitoris sways in a rolling of hips
thick legs writhing ecstatic inside
circling of arms
face is a face of bliss
muff fuzzy fur of dry otter
not this not that and...
sound wavering between two notes
fire of two logs
lightning arcs through separate breathings
opposed mammal discrete person contrasting
woman apart and another a man shift
in balance of animal ether
illusive enfolding in surprised
sun light
can only say what is known
nor dive deep into cells'
description of protoplasm knowledge
merge molecular spirals in genetic play
with mine as yours while we
flow flesh quivered hair shaken
in joy of tuck oh no
cliches glint coronal retinal luminous
     oh oh oh oh
     oh oh oh oh
     oh oh oh oh
     oh oh oh oh


great whorling fingertips on spines
and tits on tits put a secret river path
within exterior's nerves dancing back and forth electric
tingle as thoughts course in unfixed paradises
interquavering clouds
horses eaten by bears
openness of granaries filled with pouring wheat
o flowery communer what moaning leisure it is
to come again splushing our bodies of darkness

love increasingly grow around and within
perfect and separately close as can be
two among many in bosom of one
sweet nectar orgasm eternally
slip down to bed and time
slide apart slowly
in far space
and mind

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