The Ecphorizer

Humor for Whom?
Myra Johnson

Issue #37 (September 1984)

That good ol' country humor

Dear Nancy,

[quoteright]Say, does Pete still live in Ball Club? Minnesota has a most unusual combination of names for their towns. If you put together Embarrass, Fertile and Climax, for instance, you get a lot of raised eyebrows. Then if you add Ball Club, you can hardly keep

They probably don't like Women's Lip either.

from laughing. Remember that old joke about the newlyweds that got separated because she got to Aitkin before he got to Reamer? It's always good for a groan.

The Midwestern sense of humor isn't very sophisticated and maybe that's what keeps it refreshing. It does get a little droll sometimes like when Ray kids me about being from the Riviera of Minnesota because our town is in the Southern part of the state. He's real smart but he gets the sublime and the ridiculous mixed up sometimes.

Like when the old widower down the street bought that '59 pink Cadillac and the wags down to the Courthouse wanted to know if he was "figurin to sell them Mary Kay Cosmetics next." The old guy was so fond of women, he was miss guided. Of course, now that he has an exclusive relationship, he's coming into his own.

They probably don't like Women's Lip either. Human Rites don't mean as much and I doubt there would be much understanding of jokes like "The fuel preferred by Sadists is Propane." The boys would probably get along better with "the woman with the first gray hair says she's too young to dye." Or my fingernails grow like rings on a party line, "1 long, 2 shorts, 2 longs."

Remember the old one when Fred Cox was the kicker for the Vikings? The favorite joke was "How many Vikings can you name without Cox? The joke may have been awful, but the listener's reaction was truly entertaining.

I know you go out of your weigh to avoid this subject, but how's your diet coming along? I know, the real drawback in tongue and cheek is that you might bite it off. That would be a novel way to lose weight.

I think I'll sign this off before you tell me that the best way to lose ten pounds is to cut my head off.



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