The Ecphorizer

Ann Hutchinson, Dissenter
Margot Treitel

Issue #32 (April 1984)

She petitioned to hold meetings in her home
on thursdays to explain the sermons
to the women who miss services.

But then she went too far, suggesting that
the saved commune with God directly.

The merchants were on her side. What they
commune with is their ships in harbor,
goods to be unloaded on the Sabbath.

Mrs. Hutchinson was ordered to recant. She has
a nimble wit and active spirit and a very
voluble tongue. She gives a skillful
presentation of defense. Even Winthrop agrees

she's charming, intelligent. But we find her
guilty of sedition and Contempt, Banish her
to be cast out-unsavory salt.
The woman's not fit for our society.

She's gone off with Williams and Coddington
to that backwater-Rhode Island.

The otherwise-minded! Even there they can't agree
and have four settlements. But
Coddington's the worst. He hangs a shingle
over his plantation: "Love Conquers All."

Good riddance. Boston's a little quieter at last.

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