The Ecphorizer

Ecphorizer Gathering Announcement

Issue #27 (November 1983)

Mensa has seen plenty of drunken brawls to no purpose, but with the coming of the Ecphorizer Gathering we expect to improve on that. With the wisdom and experience of years of floundering in deep waters, the senior fish of the EPHORIZER staff have become very purposeful indeed in their drinking and brawling. This "G" shall be an excellent chance for the editor to buttonhole game fish and lesser fry alike and talk them into cranking out more articles for the magazine, before sobriety restores their good judgment.

The EG was designed as a small gathering, in contrast to several score other Mensa "G"s that we know of. We plan no elaborate program, we will have no important speakers (excepting our very own ECPHORIZER fish), and we don't plan to sell T-shirts. We aren't even scheduling any aborted bus rides into the wilderness. This event is planned as a small, comfortable gathering of people cohesive enough to insure that the crowd at the head table doesn't drink up all the good wine.

Andy Fish and others of his school are never fish out of water for long, and they are sure to leap right in and master the swift current of Mensa frolic, never minding that as they swim upstream the waters can only get shallower, and the going rockier. But that's alright, for a true ECPHORIZER fish doesn't care where the water goes, so long as it doesn't get into the wine. 

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