The Ecphorizer

Do You Remember Hearing That?
Gary Harris

Issue #25 (September 1983)

A quiz for the pre-television generation

  1. Who was the All-American boy? Who was the sponsor of the show in which he was the main character? What high school

    Who sponsored Ma Perkins?

    did he attend?
  2. In the radio show "A Date with Judy," what was Judy's last name? What was her boyfriend's name?
  3. Who was the MC of the show "Stop the Music?"
  4. What famous comedy team did the sketch "Who's on First?"  Who was on first?
  5. Height: six feet. Weight: 290 pounds. Fortune: danger! Who is it?
  6. Luigi and Pasquale were characters on what radio show? Who played the part of Luigi?
  7. Who sponsored Ma Perkins? What kind of work did she do?
  8. Name either of the two hosts of "The Original Amateur Hour."
  9. Eve Arden and Jeff Chandler starred in what radio show? What were their character names? Who played Walter Denton on the same show?
  10. A give-away question: name the themes used for "The Lone Ranger."

  1. Jack Armstrong, Wheaties, Hudson High.
  2. Judy Foster, Oogie Pringle.
  3. Bert Parks.
  4. Abbot and Costello, Who.
  5. The Fat Man.
  6. Life With Luigi, J. Carroll Naish
  7. Oxydol, she operated a lumber yard.
  8. Major Bowes, Ted Mack.
  9. Our Miss Brooks, Constance Brooks and Phillip Boynton, Richard Crenna.
  10. William Tell Overture (Rossini), Les Preludes (Liszt). 

Computerist and Dungeon-master Gary Harris counts as one of his acievments trading Ohio tornados for California earthquakes in 1972.  He once held the Mensa office of Chief Hobbit.

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