The Ecphorizer

The Secret of the Universe
R. T. Casey

Issue #22 (June 1983)

 Come now, let's reason this thing out -
It can't be all that hard.
We have the facts - of that there is no doubt,
From sources held in very high regard.

The problem's really not so great;
It's just your point of view.
I solved some problems just as intricate
In engineering out at old Purdue.

There was one problem, I recall -
The damn thing was so rough
We all gave up at old Acacia Hall,
And said, To hell with it, it's just too tough!"

I think it had to do with beam design,
Or maybe calculus;
At any rate, the whole thing worked out fine
When old Prof Simpkins showed the key to us.

But I digress. The universe
Seems baffling, I agree.
Still I am sure the clouds will all disperse
Once we sit down and isolate the key.

We know that we and it are here
That such we can't deny.
The next step we can see is just as clear:
We need an answer to the question: Why?

To answer that, we just refer
To simple rubrics in
Geometry - or maybe heat transfer,
Or to the rules of some such discipline.

I'd work it out, but pardon me -
I see it's half-past eight.
And M*A*S*H is coming on on the TV,
And I have got to watch that show - it's great

©1979 The Conn. Writers League 

He lives and works in Connecticut.  His poems and articles have appeared in the Mensa Bulletin and Country Club Golfer, among other places.

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