The Ecphorizer


Issue #14 (October 1982)

Dear Editor

I'm on the hunt for something and can't think of a better resource than Mensa.

Years ago -- I don't even remember which decade -- the 40s, 50s, or 60s -- I saw a pictorial essay in Life Magazine about a guy who had a bundle of exciting and adventurous life goals and was shown in many poses during his flights, trips, and other experiences in this photo essay. Does anyone out there remember the approximate date of this Life issue or the man's name? I don't even know what to look under in the Guide  Periodic Literature

Jerry D. Moore
San Pafael, CA

[line width="40%"]Dear Editor

Being an avid palindromophile myself (having collected such Finnish palindromes as saippuakauppias - "soap-merchant" and nisumaa oli isäsiilo aamusin - "grainfields being your father's joy at morningtime"), I was overjoyed to read Josefa Heifetz' piece on words spelled the same backwards and forwards. And I say to her, "A fe so just, 'ts U, Josefa."

Tod Wicks
Palo Alto, CA

[line width="40%"]

[line width="40%"]Dear George

Is the great Cucumber controversy still alive? Even if not, you may be interested in this News Item: Her cucumber went bananas when she deceived him with a zucchini.

Marty Zwart
Park Forest, IL

[line width="40%"]Editor

Following the chain of thought extruded from "Royal Navy's ABC" I offer from the trivia bin of my memory:


I don't remember where it came from. As to what it means, here is a hint: The scene is a diner.

Keith Woodmansee
Walnut Creek, CA

Ed Note: NEZXM.  

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