Issue #14

October 1982

Table Of Contents

Issue #14 Cover Ellen Thomsen
Eden Revisited John Cumming How Americans viewed the world in 1860 -- different from today?
Catbird Seat Gareth Penn

Perseverance in linguistic detective work pays off

English Has No Future Tense Daunna Minnich Unthink all your notions of English grammar
The Ecphorizer Review - Part II The Staff Did you miss out on these goodies?
Poor Richard's Almanac XVII R(ichard Bradner Mead Puzzling verse for math buffs
Chorhomographs Ed Oram Quadruple entendres
More Epigrams and Epitaphs John Cumming Famous folks are targets of the pen
The Library Allen J. Pettit
Warm Memories Warren Fogard
Humor and Whimsey    
Sassy Notes Diane Reynolds
Baseball Hall of Name
Flea Fighting Follies Tod Wicks
Call Me Madam
Aroma du Poopoo Bill Harvey
And They Said It Couldn't Be Done 2 Archimedes Pisces
Le Coin d'ArchimŤde 4 Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevski