The Ecphorizer

James C. Holaday

Issue #70 (September 1987)

My recipe for cooking is simple:
1. Get some stuff.
2. Make it hot.
3. Eat it.

* * * * *
My recipe for happiness is similar:

Forgive everyone for everything. This is

Always talk to dogs.They appreciate it.

the only way you can be happy.

* * * * *
[quoteright]If you need more, do these:

Find the difference between what you want and what you need.

Never look back, not even to this morning.

Praise children. You cannot praise children too much.

Put your hands on the people you love.

Call your parents, today.

Never give up.

Say "please" if you want something. Say "thank you" if you receive something.

Smile, practice smiling. Smile deliberately.

Always talk to dogs. They appreciate it.

Trust no government.

Ask for help. It's O.K.

If you get out on bail, get out of town. It's your last chance.

Sit down now and add up all you owe and how much you have coming in. It is scary but you will be happy you did. You will know where you are.

There is joy in confession. Talk to a minister or a lawyer.

Never give up.

If you have harmed someone, tell them you're sorry, even if you're not.

If you cannot read, tell someone so they can help you get started.

If you know someone who cannot read, find a way to get teaching to them.

Check on all the old people you know. Offer to go to the store for them or give them a ride. Ask if you can read to them. Take some food. Tell them they can call you if they get afraid.

Take your children fishing.

Remember, no matter what, you are not alone.

If you have feelings you are afraid of, ask someone to help you. Ask a policeman or a minister or a doctor. If you do not feel helped, ask someone else.

Get yourself in a quiet place. Be very quiet. At least once a day.

If you feel sad, go help somebody.

Never give up.

© 1986 James C. Holaday

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