The Ecphorizer

Easy Does It
W. J. Walsh

Issue #57 (May 1986)

Sometimes we act as if
we were only dolls.
That when we break apart, there is a glue
to return usd to what we once were.

The simplicity of naivete.
Complexities are trimmed.
Deep is made shallow now,
easy to know,
easy to read.
We need to look beyond.

Why fight? Join the flow.
Whichever way they go.
So easy to be liked, et al.
A very hale fellow,
so well met,
the leader of the errant band.

We will all meet, and soon.
Maybe only next door to a star,
and cry, and weep,
and never think.
Still whistling that easy tune.

Poet W. J. WALSH writes us that he is a "fair chess player and excellent at word games." He hails from Charleston, MA.

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