The Ecphorizer

Ufological Hymn
andy fish

Issue #68 (July 1987)

superior beings who came of yore,
we remember you still, in this
house of our faith.
ages have passed, and we come
to a stage
where understanding of your true
nature no longer eludes us.
fiery chariots from the sky we
trust will come again,
with great new knowledge as
but welcomed by the multitudes,
who now have come to recognize
your true nature,
as we ourselves enter the high
condition you had attained

This month's ANDY FISH, our generic name for anonymous contributors, lives in Santa Monica and describes himself as "a retired aerospace designer who is soon heading for the mountains, where he will finish an earthshaking piece of literary work for the benefit of mankind (and they say we Mensans only want to party!)." Congratulations, Andy; the earth has started shaking down there already.

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