Issue 01

September 2003

Table Of Contents

Sherlockian Scholarship George Towner

reviews a scholarly and comprehensive work devoted to the Sherlock experience

My Father's Wings Kevin Boon writes about death and life
Meihem In Ce Klasrum Dolton Edwards a reprint of a classic treatise about the English language in the manner of George Bernard Shaw
An Opinion on the Situation in Florida John Sorrentino First written in late 2000, we reprint John's assessment of the Florida mess
Personal Stories    
Damn Those Dictionaries Paul Gregson checks in with some interesting dictionary musings
Endorphins Paul Gregson tells about a man on a train who couldn't get off at York on Wednesday
Paradise Lost Paul Gregson relates an experience while in the British Military, and as most anyone who has served under any flag knows, the Military provides a ready source of amusing stories
The New World Paul Gregson reveals his first job, heavy manual labor, on arriving in North America
Close Encounters of the Nth Kind Don Webb writes about different alien contact scenarios
Chicken Chili for a Crowd Tod Wicks serves up a hot recipe from a company cafeteria
How Do You Pronounce 'WWW'? Tod Wicks reveals the simple way out of this modern conundrum