Issue #35

July 1984

Table Of Contents

Issue #35 Cover Ben J. Leaskou
Essex Dialect Dictionary John Cumming Why there'll always be an England
The Uses of Troy Gareth Penn They don't make wars like they used to
Silicon Valley Fever: A Review Barry Leff This is how legends are born
The Agony of Africa George Towner

Culture shock can be fatal

In France on Liberation Day George Towner

Why so many veterans can't fit into their uniforms anymore

The Beginner's Guide to Texas Eating Mark Kres Why Texas veterans can't fit into their uniforms anymore
The Visitor Paul Healy
Up an' at 'em! Bill Harvey The early bird gets to wait
Uncle Hobart's Annual Basic Hygiene Lecture to the Children Warren Fogard Folk medicine for the masses
Ticket to Success Susan Packie Fame is fickle
The Astronomer, for Harry Lisa Yount
Editorial Issue #35 John Cumming