Issue #23

July 1983

Table Of Contents

Issue #23 Cover Burt Schmitz
Whither American Ethics Harry Raech It's downhill from here
Acronyms Bill Harvey Carefully researched analytical pronouncements
"Light" at the End Dale Adams The novels of Chaim Potok
Sudan Update Martha Johnson
Notes of a Magaziner IX Paul W. Healy Te Tum, Te Tum, Te Tum, Te Tum
The Natural Science Of Stupidity John Cumming

Dumb is as dumb does

How Do They Spell Relief In Austerlitz? Gareth Penn What was Napoleon's hand doing inside his ccoat?
Dismembrance of Things Past
Individual Retirement Accounts-Fooled Again! John DeRose How to throw your money away
Dooh Nibor
The Latest on Sexual Decay in H. Sapiens A. Nother, Ph.D,
From Mother Goose to Ma Bell and Back Dave Kirby
Billy-Doc & Ripov Albert Russo
Costello's Dictionary James A. Costello
Hokus Pokey
Our Trip Wallace Rhea
All Lanterns Are One Light Wes Hight