Issue #12

August 1982

Table Of Contents

Issue #12 Cover Ellen Thomsen
He and She Allen J. Pettit The politics of sex makes strange bedfellows
Notes of a Magaziner Paul Healy Dipping in the Atlantic Monthly for 1864
17 Days in Exotic India Martha Johnson

Illusion and reality in the travel biz

Cevat Emptor Gareth Penn To speak like a native you have to think like a native
Take Heart -- A Messiah Cometh Lisa Barrigan Basker Converting the Gold Country into a nuclear redoubt
Three Little Dictionaries John Cumming New words, jargon, and Zen
Le Coin d'ArchimŤde 3 Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevski
New Sect of Economics Announced Barry Leff
Abaso Apples (A Doctor's Lament) 'Duardo de la Mancha
The X-for-Izer Al-for-Bet Claire Taylor
The Ecphorizers Reveal'd
A Sense of Loss Archimedes Pisces
Carcinogen Carl C. Partlow
Editor's Notes