Issue 07

July 2006

Table Of Contents

Демонтаж стен Москва Hassie Ritchey
Демонтаж стен Москва Deandre Pesina takes us on a highly informative layman's journey into the duality of the universe thorugh quantum mechanics
First Person Stories    
Living with Crouzon's Syndrome Arne Gustafsson relates his personal experiences of misunderstanding and the agony of living with a facial deformity
The China Report - Part I Cris Wendt Cris spent 12 weeks in China as a consultant during the late summer and fall of 2003.  Here are his stories.
The China Report - Part II Cris Wendt Part II of one consultant's summer in China
Assignment in Croydon Tod Wicks relates some humorous and everyday experiences while working in the UK
To Stifle a Sneeze Jim Stanfield Could you hold off a sneeze if it meant staying out of jail?