Issue 05

December 2005

The Paul Gregson Issue

Table Of Contents

Personal Stories    
Recollections of an Epicure Paul Gregson recounts the one time he trumped George Towner at cards as well as music
A Quiet Weekend in the Country Paul Gregson

relates a particular weekend that was hardly quiet

Doc Burley's Phobia Paul Gregson Who would've thought that gentle Paul could tell such a horrifying story?
Vatican Roulette Paul Gregson As a computer programmer, Paul relates a story of adding fertility data to an airline's reservation system!
The Full Treatment Paul Gregson spins this tale of a friend who got the "full treatment" when firemen put out the fire in his car.
Seated One Day At The Organ Paul Gregson was in a difficult predicament indeed, playing the church organ after consuming 96 ounces of Tiger Beer
A Day At The Zoo Paul Gregson recalls having a 100-pound leopard leaning against his back, purring in his ears.
Reflections of an Immigrant Paul Gregson explains some confusions he experienced on arriving in San Francisco in 1967.
How I Met Madeleine Paul Gregson reveals all in this first-person story of Love in the Fifties.