Issue #07

March 1982

Table Of Contents

Issue #07 Cover Ellen Thomsen
"Scientific" Creationism: Old Time Religion? Paul Healy Biblical Creationism lives again, dressed up as a new science
What If We Are What We Eat? Polly Pitkin Ryan Is it just coincidence that we resemble the animals we eat?
The Reverse Dictionary Is a Dangerous Book John Cumming If you want a little knowledge, but not too much, consult this book
The Psycho-Chemistry of Sexual Decay in H. Sapiens A. Nother, Ph.D. More on the science of love: it's all in your hormones
The Free Misquoteers Gareth Penn When famous people don't say it right, the Misquoteers help out
Wine Trivia Chod Harris Obscure facts to ponder while you guzzle the stuff
Humor & Whimsey    
The Shadow Knows Polly Pitkin Ryan
Mensa Fortune Cookies Bob Holmes
Letter From Mburg 3 Warren Fogard
"No Style" Marilyn Ducati
Not With a Bang, With a Whimper Thomas G. Horti
It's just Common Sense Jerry McCann
Poor Richard's Almanac R(ichard) Bradner Mead